Analyst Sees Possible Frost Risk, Bullish for Corn Futures?

A single crop analyst presents a scenario for late sown corn being at risk of frost damage in the north to northwestern corn belt region of the United States due to delayed development.  Corn futures have rallied just over five-cents today after making lower-lows just yesterday.

If the forecasted cooler temperatures aiding pollination were to extend into September, the theory is this problem could lead to a lower bushel rate for the cash crop because of an early frost.  A dire situation that could end the growing season for corn would be temperatures falling to the mid-upper 20’s for up to four hours in the northern corn belt – but that’s just not in the forecast.
Mason Ching, Automated Trading Manager, Global Futures Exchange & Trading Company in Encino, CA, had this to say regarding the current corn futures situation, Corn (futures) moved lower again as the weather remains great for the crops.  Weather forecasts call for beneficial rains and cooler temperatures through the week.”  Ching adds, “In my opinion, this should leave very good conditions for pollination of the corn crop over the next couple of weeks.”

The trend for corn futures is down with no bottom in sight.  We are short corn futures with tighter than normal stops above the market due to the decreased volatility.


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