Bearish Demand Keeps Natural Gas Near Multi-Year Lows

Natural gas futures has made an about-face in the past two days back down near the $2.65 support level as the bearish demand outlook still appears bleak. Natural gas futures are down .065 cents (per btu – “British thermal unit”) today currently trading at $2.663 at the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Weather has been playing the biggest part of price discovery it seems, but shifting weather forecasts have kept natural gas futures from breaking out of their tight range most of this year. Natural gas futures six-month high’s are near $3.15 and six-month low’s resting at $2.60 per btu – a .45 cent range.

The trend for natural gas futures is down but with a very long and extended “bottom” coming into view. It will take prolonged upside action for an all out trend change to the upside, so for now let’s just enjoy this ultra-low consumer price.


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