Commodity Futures Contracts Decisively Bullish

For the first time since September, commodity futures contracts are “net-long” over one million futures contracts as growth prospects continue to improve in the USA.  A major investment bank predicts even further gains.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission reports hedge-fund, and money-managers are leading the way with over one-million cumulative bullish futures positions spread out amongst 18 different futures and options markets as of this time last week.  Gold futures and crude oil futures lead the way.

With the US is showing better data numbers over the last couple of weeks, we have gotten a real boost in overall commodity prices.  Are we out of the woods and ready to lead the world again economically?  For the time being I say ‘yes we are,’ but I still feel that the higher commodity prices could lead to a sharp slowdown here in the US,” said Chris Hildebrand, vice-president of trading at HighGround Trading Group in Chicago, regarding the current commodity futures news.  Hildebrand added, “Don’t hold (futures) positions too long and dips are buying opportunities.”

This advisory service is involved with (mini) gold futures, but mostly grain markets and softs.  The soy-complex is resiliently bullish of all the other grain markets, and we are holding long positions in soybean futures, soy-oil, and soymeal futures, at this time.


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