New Rules on Exports Weighs on Hog Futures

There are problems with US pork exports to China, and a national meat export group is petitioning the Chinese government to overlook added documentation certifying pork is free of an added substance known as “ractopamine.”  Hog futures continue to be pressured by this technicality in this US export trade.

The Chinese officials are rightly concerned wanting documentation certifying all US pork exports to China do not contain that additive that is used to make meat “leaner.”  China bans this pork additive, and there have been no reported problems in recent months, but the official paperwork from the US is a Chinese “must have.”

Barb Levy, chief director for Futures & Options Xecution’s futures division in Chicago, had this to say regarding the current hog futures situation, “Hog futures are pressured due to possible problems with exports to China.”  Levy added, “Starting March 1st, US hog exports to China will have to undergo a certification process confirming an absence of the additive.”

The trend for hog futures is decisively down with no “bottoming” formation in sight.  The degree if buying from today’s lows makes me believe hog futures are due for a pull-back…


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