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Cocoa Futures Making Run to Multi-Year Highs as Butter Trade Expands

Cocoa futures are rallying to multi-year highs with the pick-up in demand from cocoa exporting nations in SE Asia as well as Europe. Cocoa futures are up 12 points today currently trading at $3,279 per ton at the Intercontinental Exchange.

Malaysia has emerged as a major cocoa butter exporter since 2007 and last year exported 103 tons of product – 65% more than the year prior accounting for 20% of total US cocoa butter imports. The European countries of Estonia, Germany, and the Netherlands were also main global suppliers of cocoa butter last year.

Cocoa futures trend is up with a recent resumption of the up-trend only this month. Key resistance for cocoa futures is at 3400 which is well within reach…

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